We’re entirely flexible in joining you at different stages of your product development. In the case of Schwarzkopf, they’d created a range of treatments for hairdressing salons across Europe. As these weren’t available directly to the consumer, they wanted to create an exclusive experience whilst providing the hair professional with a complete set of tools to carry out this upgraded salon service. These tools had to be functional but also captivate those delivering the treatment so that they would be proud to promote and use it. With branding already in place it was critical that the professional’s tools were coherent with the look and vision of this superior hair product.

Building on the brand

With the key components identified (a special tray, trolley tools, brushes, whisk and bowls) we began sketching different options. We utilised the hexagonal shape of the branding in our conceptional design creating lots of alternative solutions whist viewing each through the eyes of the hair professional and their client. The key here (and to the whole project) was regular and honest communication as we explored ideas and interpreted their vision. We brought the sketches to life with realistic renders (showing the tools with the treatment products) and through producing physical 3D-printed samples. The concepts and prototypes could then be demonstrated to the wider project group and as well as tested to prove proof of concept. Only when our customer was completely happy could we start refining the design, engineering details and CAD files ready for production.

Designed for success

With strong design cues across the whole product range, the visual style for the whole range really stood out. Schwarzkopf Professional received outstanding feedback from hairdressers and across their social media channels with praise for producing such a high-end quality range of products. Success soon came with over 2 million euros worth of products sold in the first two months of sales. The launch of Schwarzkopf’s most powerful hair treatment was its most successful campaign of 2019.