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Exploring and pushing boundaries

Every great product starts with an idea. Concept development is an extremely exciting process at the very heart of true innovation. It’s where we explore your idea and all the possibilities to start breathing life into your vision. As an innovative team combining design knowledge, engineering expertise and problem-solving skills, we’re passionate about turning your idea into a range of concepts. These concepts lay the foundation for a strong and well thought out design that is ready to develop and protect.

Define your product’s market

Once we’ve listened and understood your aspirations, we’ll provide you with a brief of what we’ll deliver. Then we roll up our sleeves and start gathering inspirational material, looking into the form and aesthetics, along with potential functions and features for your product. It’s less about the detail and more about the insights to collate a general understanding of your product and its market. All vital information to turn your idea into reality in later stages.

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Creative collaboration

The concept development stage is where we get the team together to bounce ideas around and get creative. It starts with a session of ‘blue-sky’ thinking, where anything is possible. We then continue to propose and creatively challenge each other’s ideas, using the research gathered to draw inspiration and come up with exciting ideas. It’s all about pushing beyond existing boundaries! This continues until we get a clear understanding of the best solutions for your product.

Refine your product brief

We provide you with a full presentation. This may include hand renders, sketches, mood boards and the exploration of suitable materials, geometries, surface finishes and colour schemes. The aim is to collate all our research then review the initial ideas with you, and discuss and evaluate the different options and features. This lays the foundation for the exact requirements and deliverables to move onto the next stage of your product’s development.

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