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Production of your new product

We support UK businesses throughout the whole product development process and it’s at the manufacturing stage that it’s who you know that counts. We have a vast network of manufacturing partners throughout the world that will take your new product to production. Our production services are completely flexible and we can either introduce you to them, work alongside you or act on your behalf.

Accurate costs from trusted worldwide manufacturers

Whether you need a small test batch or mass production quantities, once your design is approved, we’ll find you the right manufacturer. We’ve built up an impressive and ever-growing network of trusted manufacturers. Each specialise in many disciplines to produce almost any product to your specification. Alternatively if you’re looking for a fresh new production solution then we’ll source, evaluate and visit new suppliers for you. We can provide detailed reports of set up costs and even negotiate prices for you!

Person welding in dark room to represent manufacturing and production in the product design services stage
Measurement tool on CAD drawings

Production management

Once the right supplier is in place, we’ll produce all technical documentation including detailed engineering drawings, assembly instructions, compliance sheets and packaging instructions. In fact, anything that ensures the complete and professional delivery of your product. You don’t need to worry about resolving any technical queries as we’ll work alongside the manufacturer to guide them through your design. Our production management service is entirely flexible to guide you through a smooth transition of the manufacturing process.

Brand and deliver

Now it’s starting to get really exciting. In parallel to manufacturing, you will have filed any patents, registered design or trade marks ready for when your product becomes public. Branding and packaging should be in its final stages and you’ll be in the throes of your distribution strategy so your product reaches your customers. This is when all the hard work really starts paying off. It’s an exciting time for us too! Here’s one of our happy customers with their friends when their first shipment of vacuum flasks was delivered to them.

Women holding Ohelo environmental sustainable bottles on sunny beach during new product launch

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