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Hello. We are Simple Design Works – a product design consultancy that works with everyone from entrepreneurs to multinational businesses. We’re a creative and inquisitive team backed by technical skills, who listen and work with you to provide thoughtful and brilliant design on time. Whether you need help with all or part of your project, we’re completely flexible in the development process. We’re trusted by some pretty amazing brands to reinvigorate their products and design new ranges. Creating successful products simply drives our passion for what we do. Combined with a sprinkling of integrity, humour and understanding of real world design, this is why so many of our clients return.

Design – it’s what we do. Simple.

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Can we help? I’m sure we most certainly can! Please describe your idea or product in as much detail as you can and we’ll review and be back in touch. Include any images or sketches you may have along with your description. For complete confidence in sharing your idea with us, download our Non-Disclosure Agreement and send a signed copy along with any supporting files you might have.