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Understanding product compliance creates crystal clarity

Before getting swept up in any creative process, you have to lay the foundations for a successful product development experience. It’s why we always recommend a product compliance brief at the start of a project.

Getting crystal clear on the legal, technical, and safety requirements in your industry and product environment means you can make informed, data-driven decisions about the commercial viability of your product, and whether to pursue the idea beyond initial concept.

Product compliance restrictions set your direction

A deep dive into the legal and technical restrictions ensures you’ll understand the limits you’ll be working within, what you need to achieve, how to define and measure success, and the process you’ll follow from abstract concept to the finished product.

Kristo Shivachev talks about product compliance to David Langley
IP document being discussed during product compliance meeting

Insights inspire innovation

An expertly prepared product compliance brief ensures you invest your time and money wisely. And that your design team focus their creativity most effectively: within the window of opportunity, not beyond the scope of what’s possible and practical.

Lay a solid foundation for your product design project

Our product compliance brief gives you the strongest of starts for your product development journey.

We’ll help you identify your product priorities, articulate your vision, and support you to explore acceptable compromises (where necessary to meet compliance requirements) – always engineering the most efficient process to achieve your goals.

Product compliance - requirements specification document

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