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A product feasibility study ensures viability

Product development begins with a problem and an idea for a better solution. Whether your ideas are entirely abstract or thought through and fully formed, we’ll tailor our design services to your unique requirements.

A product feasibility study sets your strategic direction

At Simple Design Works, we do more than design. We support you to shape your entire product development strategy to stand out and stay relevant in a crowded market.

Beyond creative solutions and technical delivery, feasibility analysis ensures your new product solves the right problem, and you can confidently balance the risks, your budget, and timeline.

Product designer and engineer discussing product feasibility study at Simple Design Works
Product design team discussing the feasibility of an idea in an office

A product feasibility study draws out detail

Exploring what’s possible, understanding the compliance requirements in your industry, and identifying your core product priorities informs your position, helps you flesh out your concept, and decide whether your project is both financially and commercially appealing.

Feasibility is the first phase of the ideation process. We ensure mission-critical questions are asked early – reducing the risks of developing a commercially undesirable product.

Blue-sky thinkers with our feet on the ground

Our product design and development approach, rooted in human-centred design, technical excellence, and user experience means you’ll be well equipped to exceed your customers’ expectations with simple and spectacular design.

Lead product designer and engineer discussing a product feasibility study at Simple Design Works

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