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Framing the problem and proving demand

Many products solve a ‘known’ problem. Truly life-changing ideas delve into new, unexplored territory. Effective market research ensures your final product not only delights your customers but sets the bar for their future expectations. We navigate you through the practical steps to bring that research to life.

Market research accurately defines your solution

There’s an important distinction between what we think we need, and what we actually need. Many products on the market only solve that first level problem when the obvious opportunity arises. Investing energy into defining the problem reaps financial rewards.

Expertly facilitated product research looks beyond that ‘known’ problem, draws out the ‘unknown’, and equips you to engineer the solution your customers needed all along.

Market researcher finding out user research as part of the product development process
Market research professional mapping a customer persona as part of the product research and development process

It delights your customers

Market research fuels fact-founded innovation. Without it, you risk designing for you and making assumptions about your intended audience and wider market.

Our practical, proven process ensures you understand your customers on a deeper level – from their priorities and main motivations to their inner-most ideals and expectations.

Those little details that take time to draw out, make all the difference to meaningful design and lasting, loyal relationships.

Meticulous market research cements your market position

We’re an established product design house trusted by amazing brands to develop their products. Our support with your business market research will help position your product as the industry leader.

Our process is rooted in user-centred design, the human experience, and peak product performance. We’ll make your product development experience smooth, seamless, and simple.

Market research insight professionals and product developers at Midlands-based product design agency, Simple Design Works

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