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Engineered to fit

To turn your ideas into great product experiences, you need a partner to work with you on your long-term strategy. When you work with us, you’re partnering with product design and engineering experts that will contribute towards your long-term vision. So whatever stage of our product design service you need, we have the skills and expertise to guide you every step of the way.

Concept development

Every great product starts with an idea. Concept development is an extremely exciting process at the heart of true innovation. It’s where we explore your idea and all the possibilities to start breathing life into your vision. We’re an innovative team combining design knowledge, engineering expertise and problem-solving skills so we’re passionate about turning your idea into a range of concepts. These concepts lay the foundation for a strong and well thought out design, ready to develop and protect further.

Product designer making concept development sketches as part of product design services process
CAD shown on screen as part of the product design services offered by Simple Design Works

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Once your concept has been developed, we’ll create a 3D CAD model ready for prototyping and testing. This is where we love to analyse your product in more depth – refining the design, contemplating different materials and adding the finer engineering details. We can also produce photo-realistic images and promotional content to visualise your product in its intended environment.


Our clients use prototypes for testing, to pitch to potential investors and to evaluate and refine the detail before committing to the final design. This is often the first time you’ll see a physical version of your product! We use a variety of methods to construct physical models. We have a vast network of manufacturing partners as well as in-house prototyping and 3D printing facilities so that we can explore different materials, colours and finishes.

Product being built through 3D printed prototyping
Industrial machinery

Manufacture and production

We support our clients throughout the whole development cycle and it’s at this stage that it’s who you know that counts. We have a vast network of manufacturing partners in the UK and Far East which we can either introduce you to, or work alongside on your behalf. Whether you need a small test batch or require mass production quantities, we’ll facilitate the manufacture of your product with our trusted partners.

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