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CAD that is engineered to fit

Once your product concept is developed, we’ll create a 3D CAD model ready for prototyping and testing. This is where we love to analyse your product in more depth – refining the design, contemplating different materials and adding the finer engineering details. We can also create photo-realistic promotional images so you can visualise your product in its intended environment.

Turning concepts into 3D CAD

Our professional CAD engineers and designers will take your concept and turn them into a 3D CAD model using a range of design formats using the latest industry-standard software such as SolidWorks. Having detailed CAD models opens the door to create 3D prints, evaluate manufacturing options and generate photo-realistic visuals. Essentially it’s all about making it easier for you to produce your product by combining all the design, engineering and manufacturing considerations to turn a stylish product into a functional product.

Measuring device calculating circumference of circle on 3D printed PCB electronic device
3D printed prototype of redesigned health and safety industrial product with project manager and lead product designer

Product designed and engineered ready for manufacture

It’s not just about building a 3D model of your product. We also consider how you’re going to assemble it, or even prevent incorrect assembly. How you make your product is critical. That’s why we also design jigs, fixtures and test equipment to match your product’s components during the assembly process. We can also carry out tolerance analysis so components and assemblies work regardless of how many you’re manufacturing.

Explore aesthetic options with realistic visual renders

Visual or product renders means to create photo-realistic images using rendering tools. So essentially we can display your product from different angles and place it on different backgrounds. These lifelike models showcase your product with perfect accuracy. Visualising your product in this way means you can easily change the colours and materials to see what looks best before you go to production. Images can be further enhanced so you have a promotional pack for planning your sales and marketing activities. It’s a great way to get a head start and save money on photography post-production.

Concept render by Simple Design Works of black bottles and reusables on a plinth to show different sizes to client

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