Design & Protect

Why is it important to design and protect at the same time?

Developing your idea is an exciting and dynamic journey, especially as each step can bring you closer to the tantalising goal of commercial success. To support and increase this likelihood it’s important to introduce the advice of Intellectual Property (IP) specialists early in the idea development process.

To make the design and intellectual property advice process easy and more cost-efficient, we’ve developed an integrated approach with leading IP specialists Barker Brettell. By working together early in the design process, we identify how best to develop function, features and styling. All whilst safeguarding your unique design to protect your idea in the marketplace and ensure your commercial success. Whatever type of business you may be, both Simple Design Works and Barker Brettell have plenty of experience working collaboratively with clients of all sizes – from entrepreneurs to multinational corporations. Book your free design and protection consultation with us today.

The safest route to commercial success


Proven track record of taking products to market.


A strong team of creative product designers and engineers with manufacturing backgrounds. We ensure an exciting design that is manufacture-friendly and cost-efficient to produce.


We offer an honest opinion for every idea and thoroughly evaluate your concept first before committing to its design – increasing your chances of commercial success.


We excel in customer care which is why over 90% of our clients return.


We have extensive connections in industry and we’re delighted to make introductions.


One of the largest IP firms in the UK, giving you unparalleled depth and breadth of service.


Our advice is clear and jargon-free.


We have an in-depth knowledge of a broad range of industries. Our specialist teams work collaboratively to ensure you benefit from our deep technical expertise.


We offer robust IP protection within your budget. Our flexible pricing structures give you cost certainty and financial control.


We provide IP enforcement across borders. We have a strong track record in defending IP rights, whether UK or worldwide.