Engineering case study | Redesign housing for manufacturer
ESCCO printed on gantry system housing in factory
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This design project was about exploring creative ways to streamline manufacturing by reducing component expenditure. Even slight cost savings can make a big impact when manufacturing a large piece of industrial machinery with hundreds of components.

We worked with our client, Escco, to find a low-cost alternative for their gantry housing system. This system was made from laser cut and folded components that were welded and powder coated.

Early in the project, it was clear to our engineering and design team that there was a huge opportunity to reduce costs when redesigning the housing.

A re-design to cut manufacturing costs

Following an analysis of potential alternative materials, we redesigned the gantry housing system so it could be vacuum moulded from 6mm thick ABS plastic. This presented several manufacturing and performance challenges so that it continued to serve its core function. We analysed the existing model to replicate key features. Then using our engineering expertise, we produced a design that both worked as expected and drastically reduced the housing cost.

We succeeded in transforming a four-component assembly into a single item. It utilised geometry profile to build the required structural integrity into the new design. As the new gantry housing system included a single manufacturing process, the lead time was also reduced. So our client benefited further from their just-in-time system! We added attractive styling elements and also ensured that the new design could be retrofitted. This means that old components could be gradually phased out – even on existing stock.

CAD imagery showing the redesign of the ESCCO gantry system before the manufacturing stage

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