Product design agency work | App controlled smart lamp
Modern smart lamp in white with blue LEDs
Smart lamp logo

When designing the overall aesthetics of the smart lamp we gave it a modern, yet retro-futuristic look whilst still retaining the feel of a classic shaded lamp. The material combination of gloss white polymer and brushed copper was used to reinforce this hybrid aesthetic.

The circuitry was designed and rigorously tested before finalising the CAD. This was to ensure all functions worked exactly as specified when interacting with both IOS and android phones.

To control the lamp, a bespoke app was created for the device. We designed the user experience as well as the graphics and interface so that they were intuitive and easy to understand.

Initial concept sketches to explore shapes for a smart lamp idea

A contemporary light designed with smartphone connectivity

The final product is a contemporary smart light that interacts and adjusts using a smartphone app. The colour and brightness of the LED lighting is changed easily and effortlessly from your phone. This is through using integrated Bluetooth technology. This allows the user to easily change the mood of the room to suit how they’re feeling or what they’re doing. Perfect for whether you’re working, relaxing or entertaining.

Render of smart lamp in white with blue LEDs
Smart lamp LED colour being changed on mobile during PCB testing

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