The importance of creative collaborations

The importance of creative collaborations: Kristo joins social media agency The Seed Group and production house Rural Media in this years second Hereford Herd event. This months topic was collaboration, why it’s important to creatives and the opportunities that have arisen out of a shared drive for innovation, connection and creativity.

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The collaborations we’ve forged at Simple Design Works means we can leverage diverse expertise and combine our strengths to solve complex challenges effectively. In short – it enhances growth and innovation.

So it comes as no surprise that as advocates for strategic collaborations, this was the subject we discussed in the creative network Hereford Herd. Hereford Herd recently secured funding through the Herefordshire UK SPF Cultural Development Rnd3 Fund and is a key player in the digital futures plan for the county.

The panel, led by local creative leaders, was an honest discussion based on practical experience. Speakers shared their experiences and key learnings to demonstrate that the twists and turns of business are a normal part of the process. Each panellist gave their own advice but certain themes were evident that creative collaboration needed:

  • Chemistry.
  • Lots of curiosity.
  • Generosity of ideas and actions.
  • Letting go of your ego.
  • Trust, respect and honesty.
  • A willingness to fail and learn.

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Event attendees at the Hereford Herd event. Credit to Dan Haworth-Salter (Rural Media)

Photo credit to Dan Haworth-Salter.

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