Webinar: Thriving through innovation in a tough economy

Webinar: Simple Design Works and Blue Yonder challenge you to think differently about innovation. In our webinar on Thursday 26 January, we’ll provide practical insights and inspiration in what we’ve learnt in a new world with frequent global disruptions. 

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Our first live webinar of 2023

In this webinar, we’ll look at the shared vision of the client-agency relationship and having a new, agile way of design thinking to meet the challenges of the modern world.

It’s the first joint webinar being delivered by Simple Design Works and Blue Yonder. Together we’ll share what we’ve learnt in a world where global disruptions are hitting with unprecedented impact and frequency. We’ll give practical insights on how to design for this new world to minimise the impact on our business, brand and consumers. And, of course, deliver that competitive edge holistically.

Innovation webinar graphic showing Kristo Shivachev of product design consultancy, Simple Design Works, and Hannah Rogers of Blue Yonder

About Kristo

Kristo is founder of Simple Design Works who specialise in design strategy and human-centred design for entrepreneurial businesses.

Kristo is a highly experienced design engineer leading a multi-skilled team of researchers, industrial designers, product designers and engineers.  Together they have a proven methodology to reduce the risks associated with launching new products.

  • Extensive experience in the medical, defence, automotive, consumer goods, and sports and leisure industries.
  • Proven track record of delivering award-winning design for clients.
  • Significant knowledge of manufacturing processes and an extensive network of UK manufacturers.

About Hannah

Hannah works for award-winning market research agency, Blue Yonder. She has 15 years experience as an innovation, R&D and category specialist and was trained by Unilever’s Global Best Practice Leaders in qual, quant, ethnography and shopper research.

  • Thought leader of methodological and product innovation; designed and delivered multiple ‘world firsts’ for global brands.
  • Works extensively with C-Suite/Board level clients.
  • Leader of the Campaign for Real Innovation (C4RI).
  • Agency voice of Aura’s Innovation Masterclass – sharing a stage with Williams Engineering, Mondelez, Ooni and LIV Golf.
  • Awarded the MRS Research Hero status for contributions to industry.

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