Our designers choose their top product design websites

Product design insights: Sometimes creativity needs a helping hand. If you’re stuck in a rut, our list of inspirational product design-focused websites will help you get the creative juices flowing again. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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First on our list of inspirational product design websites is a firm favourite with our team. leManoosh is the go-to site for industrial design styling and information on trends and materials. This website is a labour of love for Alex. Alex is an industrial designer who prides himself on creating products with ‘sense, details and simplicity’.  The website offers a mix of real and conceptual products. Also join the thousands of designers who visit leManoosh’s YouTube channel for inspiration.


Dezeen claims to be the world’s most popular and influential architecture and design magazine. It is a mixture of new products and tech development news catering for designers from a range of disciplines. With over three million unique visitors per month, it’s not just us who find it both thought and change provoking.


A million visitors a month turn to YankoDesign for inspiration. With a confessed passion for the innovative and undiscovered, it’s provided a wealth of conceptual ideas for almost 20 years.


When he’s not creating products and experiences at Google, Bengt, a Swedish-German industrial designer, spends his time updating his online visual diary. The result is a stunning colour-coordinated collection of daily inspiration.


Since 2001, Dexigner has been the place to visit for the latest design news and competitions. The map of events and exhibitions makes it easy to find local design gatherings.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

If you’re as interested in sustainability and the circular economy as we are, you’ll appreciate the detailed resources on this website. The Online Circular Design Guide includes free workshop materials and videos to help inspire sustainable innovation. You can also join the LinkedIn group to meet other like-minded designers.


Core77 is a perennial favourite with industrial designers. They take design journalism one step further by offering discussion forums, design competitions and informative guides. It’s also a great stepping-stone to other design blogs.


Who could resist the lure of a site whose editor-at-large is both an Honorary Ranger for the US Forest Service and the keyboardist for the Rolling Stones? We can’t! Treehugger’s 100+ writers help to drive sustainability mainstream. They do this by offering ‘advice, clarity and inspiration’ for the eco-savvy and those new to green living. Since being founded in 2004 by entrepreneur and eco-advocate Graham Hill, the site has built an audience of over 2 million visitors a month.

Design Truth

Conceived as a fun project to cure lockdown boredom, Design Truth already has a regular audience of 10,000 for its podcast. Its map of UK consultancies (featuring Simple Design Works) helps to keep industrial designers connected. Five percent of the site’s revenues go back into design education.


Part of the Conde Nast empire, Wired magazine offers a comprehensive overview of information and design.

Creative Boom

With content split into inspiration, resources, features and tips, Creative Boom is well worth a coffee-break browse. Especially if you’re on the hunt for branding inspiration!

Design Week

A digital-only publication, Design Week offers the latest design news from the UK and beyond. Visit the website or sign up for the newsletter to receive a daily dose of inspirational design.


A great source of innovative product and interior design images from around the world, p.roduct has built a loyal audience of over a million followers. We think this is best viewed on Instagram.


Another Instagram source of inspiration. This account follows the next generation of designers in action. Alternatively you can join the private community to receive feedback on student projects.

Last but not least, our designer Caitlin has her own Pinterest board. View it here or let us know if you have one of your own!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top list of inspirational product design websites. Have we missed your favourite design site? If so, let us know.

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