Designers share their top, inspirational product design podcasts

Design inspiration: You can’t fail to notice how popular podcasts are. Last year it was reported that podcast listening reached a staggering 15.6 million listeners. And we must admit, we’re also hooked! We’ve already shared our list of inspirational product design websites. Many of these sites also offer podcasts so we’re sharing our bitesize insights into the podcasts you should add to your ‘essential listening’ list.

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99% Invisible design podcast - one of our top inspirational podcasts

99% Invisible

First on our list of product design podcasts is 99% Invisible hosted by the award-winning Roman Mars. He acknowledges that design is everywhere in our lives, perhaps most importantly in the places where we’ve just stopped noticing. Going into the thought process of the everyday things that shape our world is what we love about this podcast.

With over 500 million downloads, it’s one of iTunes’s most popular podcasts. Many stories revolve around a designed object whilst weaving in lessons about how we interact with it. We love how Roman deep dives into design subjects and always with takeaways that leave us thinking.

Dan Barker Studios

The Dan Barker Studios podcast interviews entrepreneurs on their tips for success. OK so not strictly a product design podcast so why does it deserve a mention? We work with all types of businesses that design products, and particularly with start ups and entrepreneurs. Dan’s podcasts talks to people about their business, and their highs and lows.

It gives a great insight into the real-world of business. We must admit, that shamelessly there’s one particular reason it’s included here. This podcast features our very own Kristo on his journey to building Simple Design Works to what it is today.

Entrepreneurs and growing businesses - business advice podcast by Dan Barker Photography
Costing the earth sustainability podcast - inspirational podcast

Costing the earth

Costing the Earth is the BBC’s weekly sustainability podcast. You may already recognise it from the BBC Radio 4 show about the environment. It features different and up to date environmental issues in each episode and solutions that may impact them.

With scientific experts at their disposal, it’s incredibly insightful and constantly reminds us of our responsibility to reduce the impact we have on earth.

Minor details

Minor details is an industrial design podcast accessible via YouTube and Spotify. Alternatively join the conversation on Discord too. The topic range is far-reaching. Recent examples include Kickstarter campaigns, toy design and design horror stories.

Content is quite refreshing as hosts Nicholas Baker and James Connors (both working in the industrial design industry) quite simply have a conversation. This makes it very easy listening and almost like they’re sitting in the studio with you.

Product design podcasts - Minor details - an industrial design podcast

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