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Product testing of the consumer product, Beauty Bench before kickstarter campaign
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Like many consumer product design ideas, the concept of Beauty Bench was born from a regular problem: a frustrating daily make-up routine.

Insufficient space meant that Jasmine couldn’t have the dressing table she’d always wanted, and instead had to apply her makeup on her bed. Stains, discomfort, and brushes lost amongst bedding made her think there must be a better way. She began doodling, showed her partner David, and he began looking online for her ideal solution. They couldn’t find it – so decided to make it themselves.

Concept design, prototyping and rigorous testing

After travelling the country meeting multiple product designers and potential manufacturers they learned that to take their idea forward, they needed specialist expertise. They chose Simple Design Works as we ‘felt like home’ and a natural extension of their team. They felt confident that by working with us, they could share, learn, and grow.

The Beauty Bench is an all-purpose, portable, dressing table. Its key features include an adjustable Hollywood mirror with LED lights, a large sunken tray to prevent drops and spills, a phone holder for following makeup tutorials in real-time, and collapsible folding legs for easy storage.

Every element was prototyped and extensively tested so Jasmine and consumer product-testers could analyse its performance, inform the design, and validate product-market fit.

We introduced Jasmine and David to Chess Plastics, one of our trusted manufacturing partners. Together we helped Beauty Bench choose its final material – a sustainable, ABS-recycled, anti-microbial plastic.

Concept development sketches for consumer product Beauty Bench designed by Midlands product design company Simple Design Works

From design concept through to Kickstarter-funded project

Psychologists and solicitors by profession, neither Jasmine nor David ever imagined they’d design and create a product. But Beauty Bench has changed the course of their careers. Jasmine’s dream was always to become a social worker but now sees a more entrepreneurial future ahead.

It’s full steam ahead for Beauty Bench following a successful Kickstarter campaign in November 2021. They ran Facebook and Instagram advertising for 3 weeks towards funding of Beauty Bench’s injection moulding tools. They’ve now successfully surpassed their Kickstarter target of £8,500 so that can go towards the cost of beginning production at scale.

Taking an ambitious consumer’s product design and supporting them to create a tangible product is our forte. We’re excited for Beauty Bench and can’t wait to see Jasmine and David take it to market.

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