UK product design consultancy case study | Designing the Digi Pen
Digi Pen on finger being used to draw on paper
Digi Pen logo designed by Simple Design Works

How often have you demonstrated a shape, written something using your finger in the air or spelt something out on the table? When Richard started surface writing for his children, he had a lightbulb moment. What if you could write using your finger with a fingertip pen?

A fingertip pen seemed an incredibly simple concept. He was surprised that such a product wasn’t an essential part of every kids pencil case. With an idea of what he wanted, he started experimenting and having fun with his children in building prototypes from materials around the house. Getting closer to a final design, he arranged 3D prints of several designs. This enabled them to get really hands on in testing their newly named ‘Digi Pen’.

Protection for innovative products

Whilst the fingertip pen was originally just a fun idea for his kids, the family continually refined it for themselves. The realisation of how it could help so many other people – such as those with gripping or hand disabilities – became clear. It was a fun product but was easy to grip. Plus it had better pressure control than holding a traditional pen. It was clearly evolving from a fun product into a useful tool. Identified as a truly innovative product, Richard began working with our patent attorneys colleagues at Barker Brettell, to protect his invention.

Digi Pen finger pens in various colours shown on each finger
Render of three different Digi Pens in colourful and transparent packaging showing Digi brand logo
Stylus version of no-grip Digi Pen finger pen being used on an iPhone

Creativity in times of crisis

Downtime during the COVID-19 lockdown has spurred on many entrepreneurs with the owner of Digi Pen being no exception. It was an opportunity to take Digi Pen to the next level and bring it to life by creating a strong logo and purposeful packaging.

What makes us different to other designers is that we take a genuinely collaborative approach. We take time to understand the product, its market and know instinctively that branding is such an integral part of how products are perceived. We worked closely with Richard to create a portfolio of logo options as well as packaging ideas that would protect his product as well as showcase it on a shop shelf. When we asked for our client for feedback he said we’d “nailed it straightaway”. Good to hear!

Digi Pen brand logo variations designed by Simple Design Works
Digi Pen products in three different colours on white background

The next generation

So there we have it – the Digi Pen. A pen worn on the finger for direct contact with paper giving complete freedom to write and draw. It’s already proving popular on the Digi Pen website as well as being stocked in retail shops, and available for licensing.

Digi Pen is now also accompanied by the newly released Digi Stylus which has a stylus instead of the pen. This clever tactile product is used as an extension of your finger for touchscreens on phones and tablets. The stylus also has the added bonus of being a more hygienic option. So it’s great to use at ATMs or on shared tablets so you don’t touch the buttons.

Richard Peel

Digi Pen brand logo in black on light grey

“After being recommended to use Simple Design Works, I have now been working with them on a launch of a new product and they have been nothing short of a revelation. After one quick chat I felt they listened and instantly understood the product and the direction I wanted to take it in, and their input has catapulted the product into a reality. I honestly couldn’t be happier or recommend them more. Even after the initial brief was complete, they have continued to be extremely helpful and supportive.”

Richard Peel
Managing Director – Digi Pens Ltd

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