Medical device product design and development team expands

New service offering: 2020 taught us all the importance of optimising health and maximising independence. It’s a lesson that particularly resonates with our founder, Kristo, who spent a significant part of his career designing products for independent living. Since founding Simple Design Works, Kristo and the team have had the privilege of helping inventors bring their medical devices to market. Now, with an increasing number of these products being patented each year, we’ve set up a specialist medical devices team to ensure that the UK’s future inventors have the best chance of success.

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Innovation for improving people’s lives

Innovation is at the heart of our business and we want to strongly focus on healthcare products that improve people’s lives. Kristo comments “Specialist knowledge and experience is needed to develop and launch such products. We’ve designed a process specifically to help inventors understand and overcome challenges in prototyping, production and IP protection. This dedicated product design team for healthcare has been formed to utilise our skillset in designing products that empower people. It’s an area we’re very passionate about”.

Why specialist medical device help is important

Without specialist help, bringing a medical device to market can be a complex, expensive and risky process.

Kristo explains “A key part of our work is optimising a design to suit end users’ needs. But we also help inventors evaluate materials, identify compliance considerations and ensure that production processes are commercially viable and scalable. The right methodology needs to be used to design and protect a medical product to avoid significant issues in the process. For example, failing to file a comprehensive patent or accidentally infringing on another company’s IP can be avoided by introducing protection expertise at the right time. By bringing together design and IP, we ensure that inventors reduce risks and futureproof their innovations”.

Optimising user experience

A user-centric approach to design is especially important in healthcare when design flaws can lead to serious injury or worse. Our specialist medical sectors design team provides access to the expertise and resources that inventors need to optimise their product’s usability and reliability. Whether designed for hospital or home use, we ensure that products meet patients’ needs and win the trust of healthcare practitioners.

Boosting team expertise

We’re delighted that Professor David Langley is joining our team as Non-Executive Director. His vast experience in healthcare will help us explore, nurture and develop links with healthcare managers and clinicians. And ultimately better overcome challenges through design.

We’d be hard-pressed to find anyone with a greater understanding of the medical sector than Professor Langley. From his earliest days as a doctorate student in neuropharmacology and a Fulbright Scholar at the National Institutes of Health (USA) where he undertook research into traumatic brain injury, he’s committed to improving patient health. Later in his career, David worked at the Medical Research Council and in the NHS on novel immunotherapies in a medical oncology unit.

More about Professor Langley

David has excelled at other roles. This includes Director of Research and Enterprise Development at the University of Bristol, Deputy Chief Scientific Advisor to the Welsh Government, Professor of Practice in Research Management at Cardiff Business School, and Director of Research Services at Imperial College London. He’s also a volunteer Community First Responder.

However, we didn’t just choose Professor Langley because of his impeccable credentials. We believe he’ll bring a new way of thinking to the team.  And we know that healthcare practitioners and inventors alike will appreciate his approachability, enthusiasm and pragmatism.

David is excited by the possibilities of playing an active role in improving patient outcomes. He comments “I’ll be contributing to the design team with insights direct from the lab and policy makers. This brings a whole new dimension to designing purposeful medical innovations and devices. I’m very excited for the opportunity to influence and support the team in the genuinely life changing and amazing work they do”.

Contact us to book your discovery meeting with Kristo and Professor Langley to discuss the development of your medical device product.

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