Lifting the Mood | Sporting products designed by women for women
Render of the Lifting the Mood dumbbell components designed by Simple Design Works
Lifting the Mood logo - client of product design agency, Simple Design Works

LTMs are adjustable dumbbells designed for women. However they’re more than just fitness gear. They’re a symbol of strength and confidence to help break down stereotypes in the world of weightlifting. 

It all started on a rainy London afternoon when founder, Laura, began shopping online for dumbbells to work out at home.  

She wanted something that was flexible with her exercise patterns, and reflected her personality and home; not a product that had to be hidden at home.

Faced with far too many average products, Laura began her wish list for a product where fashion and fitness could coexist.  

Redefining sports products for women

Armed with an ambitious statement to redefine strength for women, Laura contacted Simple Design Works with her framework for design.  

Her vision and passion behind the idea was clear from the start. This product would be woven into an empowerment campaign, and central to this was making the connection between emotion and design. She wanted to create a product that gave freedom to adapt your workout and ultimately, lift your mood. 

From a design perspective, there were several strands to this: exploring styling, creating manufacture-friendly engineering details and drawings, creating prototypes, and finding the right manufacturer. 

Lifting the Mood ambassadors with Laura, founder of the woman-led company

Multiple styling options

We explored multiple styling options focusing on colour and finish. These choices were influenced by Laura’s vision and were strategically chosen to connect with her intended audience. 

The colour palette was determined as a fresh palette you’d be proud to display. The colours of the weights complement each other and can be mixed and matched, whilst the metallic fixtures are in line with home décor trends. 

These dumbbells are a lifestyle choice; an item that needs to identify with a home fitness journey. The satin finish of the weights balance with the glass effect of the fixtures suggesting a luxurious product. Thought was given to elegance in its aesthetic such as ensuring the thread of the screw wasn’t visible when fully in place.

Woman with Lifting the Mood dumbbells doing ab crunch on mat

Balancing style with manufacturing considerations

Our engineering team worked closely with our industrial design team to turn the approved concept designs into a fully detailed CAD model. Consideration was given to balance the styling with a product that can be manufactured efficiently.  

We built initial prototypes so that they could be functionally tested and used in promotional videos to collect further insights from potential customers. 

Moving towards manufacture, our team created design registration and patent images to support the intellectual property protection of Lifting the Mood. It is currently US Patent Pending and EU Design Patent Approved. 

Women with dumbbells product designed for home fitness
Women using Lifting the Mood dumbbells carrying out a single arm deadlift

Please hold. Building my dream…

Laura is still on the road to going live. We’re currently supporting her in putting the final pieces of the manufacturing puzzle together by finding the right manufacturer.  

In the meantime, she’s been busy storytelling through Instagram, gaining supporters and pitching her product to retailers. We challenge you to visit her socials and not feel inspired!  

A substantial waiting list reaffirms the demand for attractive, soft and adjustable dumbbells. Join the waiting list and get involved with the movement.

Laura Ter Meer

Lifting the Mood logo - client of product design agency, Simple Design Works

“The team was incredibly helpful and went above and beyond in making our vision a reality. Being new in the entrepreneurial world, not only was the team extremely responsive to our numerous questions, but they gave us valuable advice that wasn’t necessarily scoped for. Thank you for going above and beyond, believing in our mission (of empowering women) and most importantly our product (beautiful, soft to grip, and heavy, adjustable dumbbells for women!). “

Laura Ter Meer
Founder - Lifting the Mood

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