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Render of Condor Tracer sports tech product designed for golfers by Simple Design Works
Logo for Condor Tracer golf sports tech product (blue)

The Condor Tracer is a golf shot tracer that uses optical and application technology to accurately profile your golf shot by measuring club speed, ball speed, spin, shot apex (height), carry, and total distance.

Data from the device is transferred to an app, which produces at-a-glance trends, forecasts, and visualisations so you can analyse your progress on-demand.

The challenge: Innovative sports product design in a crowded industry

Until now, big name brands and heavy-duty products have monopolised the golf tech market. Condor is an ambitious sports tech start-up disrupting the sports goods industry by bringing smart features into the golf equipment market.

They came to us, specialists in simplicity, to create a high-tech, self-development tool for budding golfers to accompany their app. Condor knew they would need intuitive, human-centred sports product design to produce a simple yet sophisticated product that would stand out.

A product that delivered a superb user experience. That could hold its own in form and functionality. At a competitive price point.

We delivered.

Render of Condor Tracer sports tech app on watch for new sports product designed by Simple Design Works

The differentiator: Using data to define the problem

Condor’s initial goal was to create a comparable product to what was already available in the industry. But the golf tech market was packed with premium, pro-golfing products and high price points that excluded a large percentage of the market.

Our researchers defined the problem (and refined the concept) using in-depth market research to learn what Condor’s target audience was looking for in a stand-out and affordable golf tech product.

We found that the high price point and challenging usability of ‘comparable’ products didn’t suit their target demographic: a hobbyist golfer, driven by performance metrics and keen to incorporate tech into their golfing experience.

Our expert quantitative and qualitative data told us that their key success factors for a golf tech product were ensuring the user experience and corresponding retail price made it inclusive and therefore accessible for its target market.

Concept sketches for development of Condor Tracer sports tech product for golfers by product design company, Simple Design Works
Precise performance data means intelligent play

In response to market feedback, our designers refined the optical technology in the Condor Tracer’s in-built camera to take more than a 1000-shots-per-second to accurately profile every golf swing.

This high level of precision meant we also needed to develop the electronic hardware to convert the captured raw data into meaningful information. This gives users a highly detailed shot profile they could easily interpret to raise their game.

Portability makes for a practical experience

A smart, compact, portable device they could easily store in their golf bag pocket was the game-changing characteristic for Condor’s target market. Which was in stark contrast to the heavy-duty equipment already on the market.

Balancing precision technology and long-lasting battery life within a stylish, small product footprint was challenging, but one we creatively overcame to ensure the highest value and best user experience.

Realistic render of sports tech product during design and development for Condor Tracer client

The result: Intuitive design with style and substance

Condor’s target demographic demanded a stylish product with a high shelf value and sleeker aesthetic than the more rugged, robust golf-tech sports products already on the market.

Detailed colour and material finish (CMF) work meant we could create something that looks and feels the part wherever they play golf – on the course, at the range, or in their own backyard.

Extensive testing using CAD photorealistic rendering, 3D and high-fidelity prototyping, partnered with multiple rounds of user trials allowed us to validate and create the best iteration of, and highest performing, product.

Condor, our market testers, and we are all delighted with the final sports product design. The resulting Condor Tracer combines clean styling, clear data, and uncompromising functionality that excites the next generation of golfers. Discover Condor Tracer.

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