SkinSafe | User-centric medical device product design
SkinSafe medical device render designed by the industrial team at Simple Design Works
SkinSafe emblem as part of product brand guidelines

SkinSafe is a handheld non-intrusive scanning device that allows users to monitor their skin for the early warning signs of melanoma.

Its creators wanted to develop a device whose aesthetics, functionality and branding would incite potential purchasers to invest in their well-being.

After an unexpected brush with melanoma, our clients wanted to enable others to identify the early warning signs. They became determined to develop a non-invasive self-monitoring device which would let users know when to seek advice from healthcare professionals.

Product feasibility

Similar devices were already known to our clients, but each had at least one significant barrier to uptake, such as cost and poor design. Our clients wanted to develop a more affordable and attractive product. They approached our industrial design team for help in bringing their vision to life.

Recognising constraints in medical product design

We agreed on a two-part form consisting of a hand-held device and a matching docking station. To add to the challenge, the functional components, i.e. the electronics, were already in place. In order to keep costs down, we’d need to design around their dimensions. Our engineering team provided information about the space and layout needed to establish the access and ergonomics of the product. As soon as the sizing constraints and need for a handle were confirmed, our designers could get excited about the form and aesthetics.

Having unleashed their creativity, they developed an aesthetically pleasing product housing which would accommodate the electronics whilst looking attractive and feeling trustworthy.

Concept development: fusing innovation and functionality

Having addressed two of the three areas of concern for potential buyers, we were ready to tackle the third. Overcoming manoeuvrability issues would eliminate another barrier to purchase.

We decided to add a new elongated handle that would enable users to scan hard-to-reach areas by themselves, eliminating the need to contort their bodies or ask for help. This would integrate seamlessly with the main device to avoid electronic development costs.

We seized the opportunity to design a handle that would add to the product’s almost ornamental nature, helping to further remove the product from its clinical origins.

3D render of the SkinSafe medical device handle shown being handled by a person

Sharing our vision

Having trusted us with their vision, our clients were keen to see it brought to life. We used a number of digital sketches showing every facet of our suggested design to help them visualise the end product. Excited by its aesthetics and functionality, and having reviewed our suggestions for materials, finishes and colours, they gave us the go-ahead to move to the prototyping stage.

SkinSafe medical device concept sketches designed by Simple Design Works

Using in-house technology to maintain momentum

We created 3D CAD models for prototyping and testing.  Prototyping sessions helped us define functionality, styling and the user experience. Costs were minimised by the use of in-house 3D printers to produce low-fidelity parts for testing purposes.

Cost-effective visualisations

Finally, we created digital assets, including in-context renders, realistic animations and app visualisations. These were shared with our clients to ensure that they were 100% satisfied with our designs.

Render of the SkinSafe medical device app with visuals designed by the industrial team at Simple Design Works
“Our processes ensure we take a holistic view. We give every element of product design and user experience due consideration. Our goal is to help clients understand the realms of what’s possible and what’s realistic so they can make informed decisions resulting in commercially viable products.”

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