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EasyProtect safety product re-designed for industrial environments by Simple Design Works for Seton
Seton brand logo in blue. Seton manufacture and supply industrial products

Seton is a market-leading health, safety, and compliance equipment manufacturer and distributor. Their products guarantee workplace safety. And they champion user-centred design to ensure their equipment is as effortless as possible to use.

The first iteration of EasyProtect was an A-frame safety barrier. Like other comparable products on the market, it was difficult to transport, awkward to store, and time consuming to construct. Plus it was expensive to manufacture with complex components and high labour costs.

Seton approached us, a design-house that specialises in simplicity, to streamline the tooling requirements and make things simpler for their users.

Designing out complexity is our speciality, so we were ready for the challenge.

Transforming a complex design into a manufacture-friendly product

The objectives for EasyProtect was to launch a product into the market to solve consumer issues common with safety barriers. These issues include being difficult to transport, awkward to store, and time consuming to construct. What’s more, this first design was proving expensive to manufacture as well as not fulfilling customer’s needs. It simply wasn’t the great experience expected from Seton products.

Working directly with Seton’s manufacturers, we used digitally generated photorealistic renders to share our vision for the new, improved EasyProtect.

After a radical rethink, we started from the beginning to design a fundamentally different approach. We simplified the construction whilst also improving the effectiveness of the product. The revised design offered numerous advantages for its users:

A fast and easy full height barrier: When in use, eight barrier panels clip together to form a 5.8 metre safety barrier. When packed away, the eight panels sit securely within the central A-frame ready to transport elsewhere. Additional panels can also be fitted.

Quick assembly and disassembly: The EasyProtect can be assembled in minutes. Everything a user needs to construct the barrier is contained within the central unit. Simply secure the panels into the A-frame, clip them together and they’re ready to go.

Highly portable and compact storage: For a quick transition between locations (e.g. down a corridor), we integrated durable castors and added a flexible clip down the A-frame’s centre. This allows a user to push it easily by hand, while keeping the parts securely and safely in place. When it’s time to pack away, the modular system makes it convenient to manoeuvre and space-saving to stack – unlike traditional barriers.

Highly versatile: EasyProtect’s compact, portable design makes it suitable for many different environments. The option to add custom A4 safety signage to each panel using single push web-and-lock clips, and off-centre integrated feet (to minimise trip hazards) make it an attractive product for high-footfall areas.

EasyProtect safety product designed by Simple Design Works

Intelligent design for manufacture and user experience

Using human-centred design principles, our design expertise made a good product great – and substantially simplified its tooling requirements. Fewer components made it less labour-intensive to produce, saving Seton significant time and money.

With an Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year Award already under its belt, EasyProtect is a shining example of continuous product improvement to keep employees safe.

Alex Hinton

Seton blue logo - Seton is a safety brand owned by Brady Corporation

“We have now worked with Simple Design Works on numerous projects with varying degrees of complexity. The professional, proactive and creative approach they take to each task has led to many excellent solutions, which has led us to develop and introduce successful products into the market. Always accommodating and a delight to work with, we look forward to working with Simple Design Works again in the future.”

Alex Hinton
Innovations Manager, Brady Corporation – Seton

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