V Plane | Product design, prototyping & DFM of a golf training aid
V Plane golf product close up manufactured by entrepreneur Mitchell, designed by Simple Design Works
V Plane logo for newly designed golfing product

V Plane is a short-game training aid for golfers designed to put faith in your game.

Knowing that golf can be an expensive sport and difficult to improve at speed, Mitchell was determined to offer players an improvement tool without the hefty price tag.

After countless hours inventing and testing prototypes, he contacted Simple Design Works to perfect his concept so it could be mass manufactured.

We soon discovered that Mitchell had genuinely identified a real opportunity to improve user experience and have a meaningful impact on consumer behaviour.

Collaborating with passionate SMEs

We thoroughly enjoy working with SMEs who are experts in their field and passionate about the industry their product operates in. We worked closely with Mitchell to refine his homemade tool into working prototypes.

His aim was to approach players and coaches across the South of England for extensive testing. This would provide him with validation that V Plane could quickly improve their putting, chipping and pitching across all golfing proficiency levels.

Elevating the user experience

Fantastic feedback was received from enthusiastic amateurs to pro-golfers and their coaches. The user experience determined that it should look good, be minimalistic, lightweight and have quality fitments that won’t fatigue.

The mission was clear so we set to work on enhancing the initial CAD models to capture the improved functionality alongside the user experience.

Mitchell and the Simple Design Works team wholeheartedly agreed that the smallest detail matters. We made sure that elements were designed to feel as satisfying as they sound; right down to engineering parts to audibly ‘click’ in to confirm that they’re in the correct position.

Design optimisation for mass production

V Plane was always intended to be produced on a mass scale. Professionally executed DFM needs to include all stakeholders to ensure the design is fully optimised and does not have any unnecessary cost embedded into it.

We introduced Mitchell to one of our trusted injection moulding specialists and together we ensured the design was ready for tooling.

We explored multiple wall thickness configurations ensuring that cooling, ejection, and other manufacturing requirements were addressed.

In addition, several detailed trials took place to achieve a material grade that give stability, strength, and high flow speed as well as the required gloss finish for that desired aesthetic.

The final V Plane product is a suite of four tools (and five parts).

Newly designed V Plane golf product with putter on golfing green
Entrepreneur Mitchell Bligh with his new golf training product - V Plane. Brought to life by product designers Simple Design Works

Turning vision into reality

It’s been a privilege helping Mitchell turn his vision into a reality by:

  • Studying the user experience
  • Refining the concept
  • Producing batches of prototypes for real-world feedback
  • Producing a manufacture-ready design
  • Introducing the client to a trusted manufacturing partner
  • Working alongside the client and manufacturer to get the product into production.

It is now available to buy and if you’re an avid golfer, check out the V Plane Instagram account where you’ll see a few famous faces that love this product as much as we do.

Mitchell Bligh

V Plane logo for newly designed golfing product

“From day 1 the process made me feel like I was in the right hands. Working with Simple Design Works on my project has been fantastic. They have supported/guided me, put great ideas on the table and delivered whenever there has been a deadline. The team have gone above and beyond to deliver a great service over the two years of working together. They have fundamentally turned my vision into a reality with ultimate precision, we are now manufacturing a product that I am going to be proud seeing other people using!”

Mitchell Bligh
Founder - V Plane

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