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Bewater bottle being held with water in on pink background
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Bewater approached Simple Design Works with the idea of creating a reusable water bottle with a solid build and refined features that contains gemstones. Gemstones are said to change the quality and structure of water while giving it revitalising or strengthening properties. The combination of different gemstones is also said to have different effects and benefits to the water. Designing a bottle that reflects this key idea was vital to the products identity.

Naturally designing a gorgeous looking drinking vessel which was food friendly was paramount too. We certainly needed to work our magic on this idea!

Product conceptual sketches of different shapes of the Bewater water bottle

Moving from ideation to manufacturing

We started by experimenting with a wide variety of bottle designs and shapes, and investigating different methods of incorporating the stones. This ideation process led us in designing a reusable bottle with a form that mimics the subtle movements of flowing water. The gemstone housing had to be designed in a way so the stones wouldn’t come in direct contact with the water being consumed. We took extra care to achieve this whilst also minimising part numbers. This reduced the overall manufacturing cost for our client. The screw base was designed to work universally with each item in their product range. This also helped minimise the overall manufacturing cost.

Bewater bottles lined up on wall with different gemstones

It’s a kind of magic

The final product was so much more than a reusable BPA free water bottle with a crystal chamber. It might look like a simple product. However an immense amount of design and engineering went into creating a product that truly captures the identity of the brand. The way the body catches and refracts the light as you turn it, gives the bottle the appearance of water moving in your hand. Filling the bottle with water also magnifies the contents. This emphasises the gemstones and the inner container that houses them. At Bewater it’s all about the health benefits of staying hydrated – be inspired, be empowered and be revitalised! Discover more about Bewater.

Bewater water bottle held in the sky with purple gemstones
Bewater water bottles surrounded by cacao, green grapes, nuts and black rock

Ricci Polack

BeWater brand logo in blue

“As a start up company relying heavily on the design element of our launch product, choosing a strong design team was paramount for us at BeWater. Right from the early stages of the pitch process, Simple Design Works stood out. The company has produced striking designs for our product and they have brought an excellent work ethic to the relationship. Kristo, Richard and the team paid careful attention to our requirements and worked closely with us until we had our perfect design. They were professional and dynamic and their work has been to a high standard and always completed to deadline. It has been a pleasure working with Simple Design Works and we have no hesitation using them again and recommending them to others.”

Ricci Polack
Managing Director – Bewater

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