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Person wearing luxury pink Montre Parfaite watch with white face
Montre Parfaite logo

For this design project we produced a number of sleek women’s watch ranges that wearers have the ability to adapt to their own style, and provide them with a luxurious unboxing experience. Not wanting to compromise on quality, we worked closely with our client to verify that every detail was to their liking.

With watch design, it’s the subtle details that really define the experience. The design of the watch casing was the first step in laying the foundations for the design. From there we produced numerous face iterations and hand sketched concept designs, with each revision and improvement prompting the next.

Concept development sketches as part of ideation for watch project

Refine, improve and repeat

The process of thoroughly refining and improving each design down to the smallest detail led to the creation of a product collection that both the client and our team could be proud of. The main photo featured on this page is just one of the watches from the collection. For this particular design we kept the face clean, keeping the branding minimalistic whilst emphasising only the numerals and the outlining details. It features custom hands (used throughout the collection) and a 38mm body with a wide selection of strap options.

Packaging renders by Simple Design Works for Montre Parfaite

The big reveal

Everyone loves the feeling of opening something new. The anticipation and curiosity of what’s inside is a part of the whole experience. We wanted to emphasise this and focus on the experience of the user opening the box to their new watch. The minimalistic design and matt black colours help the packaging to display the product without distracting the user from the contents. In addition, the contrasting metallic rose gold branding gives a regal flair to the design.

The package features a protective outer cover, a magnetic lid and a tray for strap storage. Once the outer cover is removed a gentle pull is enough to disengage the magnets and open the packaging. This reveals a sleeve (held in a recess within the lid) and the promo card envelope. At this point the strap tray can also be accessed. The final reveal comes by removing the branded promo card, displaying the watch within.

Realistic renders of pink, black and rose gold luxury Montre Parfaite watches on white background

Attention to detail

We went to great lengths to produce a top timepiece that would stand out from the crowd.

We attended to the smallest detail including the design of the underside of each watch. Custom graphics for the underside of the watch straps and engraved back plates allowed us to experiment with bold branding, whilst still keeping the subtlety when wearing. It wouldn’t be perfect unless all elements of the product experience were carefully considered.

Kris Ward

Montre Parfaite logo

“After years of searching and spending large amounts of money with designers who could not do what I asked, I came across Simple Design Works. The quality of the final product and price for the work was amazing, the vision of what I wanted was brought to life. The project manager was very efficient and the work was done far quicker than expected. It certainly was worth travelling from Manchester (just because I like to put a face to the name) and I have recommended others to Simple Design Works, those people have also found the company to be very impressive.”

Kris Ward
Director – Montre Parfaite

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